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firiel44 ([personal profile] firiel44) wrote2009-05-02 02:18 pm
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Okay, everyone, I want to apologize to you. Because I'm about to make you do some work you just did all over again.

See, every time I sign up for something, there is always someone who has already taken the name Firiel. I've had to deal with this pretty much everywhere except the place I "became" Firiel. This other person never does anything with the account, just reserves the name and leaves the account to get dusty. That makes me at least as mad as the fact that the name is taken, but I digress.

Dreamwidth was my chance to beat them. I had to decide if I wanted to grab that name with my lottery invite or make sure I got the name I have been using on LJ for almost five years. As you know, I chose the latter. But with unused invites, I decided to outflank this squatter and take back my name.

From now on, I will be cross-posting to LJ from [personal profile] firiel and non-crossed updates will be there as well. I'm certainly not unfriending anyone from this account, but I will also re-add you on my new turf. Grumbling that I should have been smart enough to take the name in the first place will be accepted as trufax. However, you can only make me feel so guilty because I am really happy to have this name properly.

I do still have invites if anyone else wants one. Any still left Sunday night will be offered to my favorite obscure fandom comm. If you're holding off on getting yet another account to keep up with until you see how this thing goes, I'm sure there will be more to hand out before long.